Why porn is bad and evil

With the advent of the internet, pornography has become a much more significant pastime in modern society and although it is still not completely accepted by older generations, its dominance as an industry is at an all time high. Read more

How to get through bad patches in a relationship

I actually disagree that there is such a thing as a bad patch in a relationship. Every relationship is made up of individual moments, which are guided by how each person in the relationship is feeling at that particular moment. However, a lot of couples refer to a consistent spell of negative emotions in their relationship as a “bad patch”. There are several ways to become more conscious about these situations and ultimately decide how best to rectify them… Read more

Text message flirting guidelines

A common request I receive is for help and guidance on texting a new potential suitor. Usually I receive such requests from men, as women tend to more readily ask their friends for advice, but occasionally I get such requests from women too. Sometimes I get asked outright to write a text from scratch for someone, although I will explain shortly why this doesn’t actually help in the long run.

Due to this demand, I have decided to compile a list of general guidelines for texting someone you have recently met and acquired the phone number of. These guidelines are most relevant for the beginning stages of dating. After knowing someone for a while and getting past the initial pressure of texting someone new, you won’t have to worry about these concepts, although they are still useful to keep in mind when texting in a relationship… Read more

The ONLY way to prevent your partner cheating

Being cheated on, or the FEAR of being cheated on is one of the primary crutches in a relationship, and ultimately destroys many of them. I personally have never cheated on a girlfriend and to the best of my knowledge, have never been cheated on either… but that’s not to say that the irrational fear of someday being cheated on occasionally crops up with me too.

First I am going to list a couple of instinctual techniques that both men and women frequently use as clear tactics to settle these fears of cheating. I will explain why each one is not the best course of action and then reveal to you the ONLY way you can prevent your partner cheating on you… Read more

The perfect first date

What does tradition tell us is the best first date: dinner, the cinema, or perhaps flowers and an open invitation to whatever the other person wants to do? All three of these are terrible! Let me deal with them separately… Read more