10 things you can do right now to improve your love life – part 1

Everyone knows that first impressions are key and research shows that humans judge the most about you as a person within the first few seconds of meeting you! This sounds absurd but it actually stems from a built-in survival technique in humans to judge who we will benefit from getting to know and who is, without being harsh, probably not worth knowing.

These days social interactions are usually more forgiving, but you will still find that the more you work on your first impression, the more you will flourish in social interactions. Below is a list of ten things you can do to help you improve your chances of dating the men or women you desire… Read more

Sparklife Introduction

While most articles on this website are timeless – their content remains valuable and relevant regardless of when they were written – the article below is from early 2009, written as an introduction to the then new sparklife website. As such, it contains some outdated information. I have left it here in its original form for the sake of continuity.

Hello lovely people!

Well, this website has been rather a long time coming. In fact I’ve had this domain name for well over a year now and whilst it has been used as a hub for a few other projects during that time, a relationships resource is what I’ve always intended for it; I merely wanted to make sure that I was qualified enough to really give guided advice on the subject first. Read more