Moving in together – Tips for living with your girlfriend or boyfriend

There are several stages in a relationship where the commitment level is stepped up a notch and a melee of new tests arise. Moving in with your partner is one of those.

Heidi and I have been living together for a while now and although we are still just as happy in our relationship as we have always been, there are several new lessons we have learnt from being in each other’s company all the time.

This article will discuss some of those insights and share some tips about how to adapt your relationship accordingly once you are living together… Read more

How to be less shy, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert

Being shy is not something to be embarrassed about. It also does not have to be something that dictates your social life, your dating skills or your relationships.

People often confuse shyness with having an introvert personality and some even think that overcoming either of these is an insurmountable challenge. That is not the case.

This article will explain how shyness isn’t necessarily a bad thing and provide some tips on how to overcome it. I will relate it to my own experiences of going from notably shy and reserved in my youth, to confident and comfortable in any social scenario… Read more

Is your partner perfect for you? Read this and see…

It is easy to assume that your relationship will last forever. The rapturous emotions and validation one gets from sharing their affection exclusively with someone special often eclipses any negatives that might exist. Without the direct comparison of other similarly fulfilling relationships, it is easy for a gradual decline to go unnoticed.

Whilst this article focuses on determining how well your partner compliments your deepest relationship desires, it can also be read as a self-evaluation. If you want to be with the perfect partner for you, it goes without saying that you should be the perfect partner in return! It is only once you have both of those factors in place that you have the ingredients for the perfect relationship… Read more

How to prevent arguments in a relationship

Learning to deal with arguments and come out the other side with minimal negativity or damage is a key aspect in the conflict solving stage of a relationship.

One step further is preventing arguments from occurring in the first place. It is an advanced skill for couples to achieve but one that ultimately leads to the most continually positive and fulfilling relationships.

This article will discuss some useful methods for preventing arguments in a relationship before they even get started… Read more

10 common mistakes men make in the bedroom

It is uncommon to hear that you’re a lousy lover from someone you are in a relationship with. Sex is such a personal and intimate act that most people would dread the repercussions and the upset of telling their partner that they could do with improving.

It may be the case that your partner simply doesn’t know any better, having only experienced mediocre sex their whole life.

However satisfactory your sex-life is, you can always improve, be it with new techniques, improved performance or trying new experiences. Read more