Trust in a relationship – Trusting your girlfriend or boyfriend

Ask any relationship expert what they believe the foundation to a lasting relationship is and chances are that trust will appear near the top of the list.

Second to that, the most popular article on this website by some margin is one I wrote titled, Dealing with your girlfriend getting hit on. The comments section of that article currently features over 100 in-depth questions and answers and the recurring topic throughout is that of trust in a relationship. Read more

3 steps to being more attractive

There are several factors that contribute towards how attractive you are, or more precisely, how attractive people perceive you to be. The two overriding factors though are your internal beliefs and your conveyed personality.

Internal beliefs are generally formed through life experience, from infancy onwards. If you receive sincere positive messages and attention from others, you will generally have more self-belief and confidence by default than if you rarely receive validation of that sort.

Conveyed personality is an extension of that inner confidence and is basically how we come across to other people, including first impressions and social skills. Read more

Power struggle and control in relationships

It is widely recognised that there are two distinct stages during the first few years of a new relationship.

The first of these stages is the attraction, lust and romance stage, which develops from when a couple first start dating and can last anywhere from a few months to several years. This continues to develop as a couple discover each other fully and build intimate rapport together.

The second of these stages is the commitment, management and awareness stage, which continues thereafter. This stage usually develops around the time there is a prominent gesture of commitment, such as deciding to live together, or simply the period where a couple become deeply and emotionally close to each other. Read more

My thoughts on polyamory and open relationships

You may be familiar with the term polygamy, which refers to a married man or woman having more than one spouse at a time: a practice that is illegal in many cultures and frowned upon in most others. Polyamory is a modern adaptation of this, which simply refers to someone having more than one loving or sexual relationship at a time.

Modern-day polyamorous relationships, or “open relationships”, have a somewhat negative reputation in modern society and I think this is largely because they are misunderstood. Read more

How to get your ex back

As sparklife increases in popularity, I receive more and more requests from advertisers and affiliate marketers wanting my endorsement. For some reason, the most common products I receive review requests for are “get your ex back” type programs.

There are specific reasons why I am reluctant to promote any program or service that deals with getting back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, which I will explain shortly, but this third-party interest does show that it is a common enough issue for me to cover. Read more