Using Kegel exercises to improve sexual performance

I have had several requests from readers to write more articles focusing on sexual topics, so I have chosen to write on the topic of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are something that you may never have heard of before. Most people who are already aware of them severely underrate the incredible effect they can have on one’s sex life.

This article will give a brief background on what Kegel exercises are before describing how they can improve sexual performance, and then most importantly, detailing how to actually do the exercises…

What are Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises were developed by an American gynaecologist called Dr. Arthur Kegel in the mid twentieth century. They are a method of strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscles (commonly referred to as the PC muscles) that are situated on the pelvic floor just below both the female and male genitalia. They were originally developed to aid pregnant women in having more physical control immediately before, during and after pregnancy but in recent years their effect on sexual fulfilment has also been keenly researched.

How can Kegel exercises improve sexual performance?

The PC muscles are very similar between men and women, as well as being located in almost identical locations, which makes the skill to have complete control over them a mutual one between lovers. Both men and women can equally benefit from doing these exercises.

On a basic level, orgasms are a rapid contraction of certain muscles in the body, including the PC muscles, so having high dexterity in that area will allow you to control both intensity and duration of orgasms.

There have been a number of studies since the early 1990s into how control of the PC muscles affects a woman’s ability to reach a full range of orgasm, with extremely positive findings. Second to this, I haven’t heard of one woman who is able to have full-bodied vaginal orgasms without having proficient control over her PC muscles. Doing these exercises, it won’t be long before you notice a difference in how intense your orgasms can be, as well as how dynamic your sex life becomes in general.

For men, strengthening and understanding your PC muscles will allow you to have complete control over ejaculation. I highly recommend Kegel exercises for any men who have trouble with premature ejaculation, or for men who would simply like to be more in control of how and when they ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

How to do Kegel exercises:

The first thing to do before performing the exercises is to locate the exact muscles that you are to be exercising: the Pubococcygeus muscles!

As stated earlier, the PC muscles are located at the base of your pelvis, between your legs as you stand. The easiest way to feel them contracting for yourself is to imagine you are restricting yourself from urinating, clenching the muscles in that area. If you ever stop yourself urinating mid-stream, that is partially the PC muscles working. What you want to do is practice isolating that area of muscles during contraction and trying not to use any of the surrounding muscles such as the thighs or lower abdominal muscles.

Once you have isolated the correct muscles, exercising and strengthening them is not vastly different from exercising any other muscle group. Practice contracting the muscles, holding the contraction for a few seconds and then releasing, all whilst in a seated position. You can do this as often and for as long as feels comfortable but a rough guide is to do them for five minutes, twice a day at first. The beauty of these exercises is that they can be performed discretely whilst doing other activities, such as sitting at a computer.

Although engaging in Kegel exercises may feel mildly bizarre or unnecessary at first, these are the sorts of things that make the difference between being a good lover… and being a masterful lover! 🙂

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  1. Jon
    Jon says:


    I’ve heard that those exercise/yoga balls people sit at desks on can help with this kind of thing to. Do you know much about them?

    Top post btw, way more info than I knew already espec how to do kegels. J

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hey Jon,

      I’ve heard people claim that too and although they might help somewhat in toning that region of muscles, they won’t isolate the exercise as accurately as Kegel exercises can. Mind you, they are mighty fun to sit on and they supposedly help with other things such as posture so by all means try it out! 🙂

      Thanks a lot,


  2. Jen Goodhue
    Jen Goodhue says:

    Hi Sam

    I just wanted to say that since I read this last week I have been trying out the exercises you describe and I am amazed that there does seem to be improvement. I cant say that it has noticeably improved our sexlife yet but I will report back when it does.

    Even so I have to say I enjoy doing these whilst in the office. It has kindof become a habit.

    All the best


    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Jen,

      That’s great that you’ve been trying them out! It usually takes at least four to six weeks to see any noticeable improvement so keep it up and let me know how they work out for you. 🙂



  3. delicate flower
    delicate flower says:

    I hate to admit it, as I pretend to be the know-it-all on my blog.. but I didn’t realize men could benefit from kegels.
    Many women learn them in the childbirthing process.. helps regain some tone! It’s also kinda fun to practice this while you’re actually in the midst of intercourse! He should be able to feel the contracting.

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:


      Don’t worry, I still regard you as a source of all wisdom :)… but yes I would never have believed myself that Kegels would help with sexual control so much had I not tried them extensively. There are probably other factors playing a part as well, such as becoming more sexually experienced and more desensitised to sex but Kegel exercises do definitely have a dramatic effect for men when practiced properly.

      I like your mid-intercourse tip too… Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. Sensual Health
    Sensual Health says:

    Even though everyone says you can do them “anytime, anywhere”, Kegel exercises are difficult to do because it requires concentration and is usually a passive activity. One way to get the same results without worrying about sets or reps is by using LELO’s Luna Beads…You just put them inside for anywhere from five minutes to five hours and your Kegels are exercised for you!

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:


      That’s true that Kegel exercises take a fair amount of concentration and effort at first but once they become part of a routine, they are easy to do more subconsciously.

      I assume the beads you recommend are similar to ‘Ben Wa balls’. I can’t comment on their effectiveness as I don’t personally know anyone who has tried them. From what I do know about them, they are predominantly designed for women and are partly for sexual stimulation as well as Kegel strengthening.

      I personally don’t think beads or balls are necessary for the level of male and female sexual enhancement this article is suggesting but they might be useful for people heavily interested in Kegel exercises so thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Gladys,

      There are a variety of toys that might aid the process but I personally do not think they are necessary and can actually make you reliant on them. If you continue to try the standard exercises, making sure you are isolating and squeezing the correct area, they should become easier to before long.

      Thanks for reading,


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