Sparklife one year review – every article listed

Believe it or not, sparklife in its current form is officially one year old, woohoo! It has been an immensely enjoyable year, where I’ve continued to develop many of my theories regarding dating and relationships. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have published so far and here’s to many more years!

Before reviewing the articles from the last six months since the last review, I would like to quickly thank everyone who has read, shared and commented on any of my articles so far. Notable regular readers and contributors include Elena (if you’re a dog-lover then make sure you check out her website Too Kool Doggies), Joan, Eva, Pyrax, Dean, Fluffosaur/Starsparkle, Jon, some cute Canadian chick I know and everyone else.

Without further ado, here are all the articles from the last six months…

The first six-month review can be found HERE.

Relationship and dating articles:

The number one relationship killer

This article outlines the one thing that leads to the downfall of most modern relationships. It is the dominant factor for almost all of the conceivably bad things that can occur. You’ll have to click on the link to find out what it is!

Approach a woman and fall in love – The story of how I met Heidi

As the title describes, this is the story of the unique way that I met my long-term girlfriend Heidi several years ago. It is also a unique article in that it is the first time I have invited a guest-writer to contribute. After I tell my side of the story, Heidi provides her own take on events, so you get a special insight into how men and women react differently upon first meeting.

Topics to avoid with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Whilst this article does give three clear topics to accompany the title, it may require some prior reading of some of my previous articles written on the ego to be fully understood. This article contains flexible advice, which is mainly useful for people who feel they must know every little detail about their partner and their partner’s past.

Using Kegel exercises to improve sexual performance

This article introduces a wildly misunderstood sexual practice that can be used to improve sexual performance. It goes into brief detail about what Kegel exercises are, how they can improve sexual performance and then most importantly, how to actually do the exercises.

Lying in a relationship

This article explains three different types of lying and touches on the reasons why people lie in relationships and the potential consequences. There is also an interesting video linked to by Elena in the comments section about techniques for spotting lies.

Is going on a break good or bad?

This article lists a few common reasons for wanting to go on a break and then discusses some of the practical and psychological issues surrounding the topic. A worthwhile read if the topic is relevant, or potentially relevant to you.

How to get out of the friend zone

This article dissects the psychology behind having romantic feelings for a friend before describing the only reliable techniques to starting a relationship with someone who you are firmly in the friend zone with.

A fundamental flaw in dating and why you should never stop meeting people

This article suggests changing your mindset while in a relationship to be just as sociable as if you were single. This is a useful article to read whatever your current relationship status is.

How likely your partner is to cheat – part 1

This article is part one of what is, in my opinion, my best article series to date. It gives a detailed account of knowing how likely your partner is to cheat. There are some interesting discussions in the comments section too.

How likely your partner is to cheat – part 2

This is the follow up to the above article and contains an original diagram that can accurately predict how likely your partner is to cheat. This is highly recommended reading.

The complimenting challenge for both singles and couples

This article introduces a new format in the form of a reader challenge, based around the art of complimenting people. The exercise described is not difficult or time-consuming, but it is extremely rewarding.

Sleeping with someone new for the first time

This article explains how men and women differ emotionally when deciding to sleep with someone for the first time. It provides general thoughts on how to use these differing feelings to have smoother progressions in any relationship.

Managing the most powerful emotion in the world – The love equilibrium

This article introduces some of my most cutting edge theories on love and how to manage what is ostensibly the most powerful emotion in the world. This article is the basis for a lot of upcoming articles I will be doing so it is definitely worth reading.

Can men and women really be just friends?

This article is aimed at invoking reader discussion, as everyone seems to have a different opinion on the topic. I share my own thoughts within the main content of the article.

Dealing with approach anxiety

This article discusses a topic that I became very good at breaking down and dealing with while working solely as a dating coach. It contains useful information about what is an extremely common issue.

10 reasons not to get married

This controversial article gives food for thought towards what has become a tradition in most people’s lives. Read the ten points and see if your opinions towards marriage change in any way.

My personal path to a fulfilling relationship

The main part of this article is the embedded video I created that shows some of my journey meeting lots of wonderful women before finally meeting my girlfriend Heidi.

Should I stay or leave my relationship

This is another highly recommended article with lots of insights, reader discussion and a useful diagram.

Valentine’s Day advice

Every year I am saddened by how little decent advice there is for what may or may not be an important day to you. This article gives some ideas for Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, in a relationship, or anywhere in between. The advice is applicable for times other than Valentine’s Day so it is worth checking out any time of the year.

Compromising in a relationship

This article discusses and breaks down compromising; an extremely important and often overlooked aspect of relationships.

Connecting in a relationship and interacting using frame theory

This article is somewhat related to the previous one but introduces a new theory that is the basis for connecting successfully with your partner. There is also useful information related to meeting and interacting with members of the opposite sex if that is relevant to you.

Thank you once again to everyone who has read, shared and commented on this website during the past year and I assure you the content is going to continue to develop. Please spread the word and keep visiting yourself.

I would love to hear what your favourite topics have been so far, or a specific favourite article if you have one, along with any ideas or suggestions you have to help make sparklife an even more valuable resource. 🙂

Much love,


12 replies
  1. pyrax
    pyrax says:

    whoop I got a mention THANKS!
    I have to say my favorite article of this lot is the one about knowing how likely a partner is to cheat and that diagram you did. I go back and read it again from time to time. there havent been any articles that I didn’t like so keep up the good work.

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi, thanks a lot! 🙂

      I’m glad you like that two-part article, as it is the one I am personally most proud of. My graphic design skills and adoration of Adobe Photoshop are increasing daily, so I expect to put more of my theories into diagram form in the future, as I really think it helps the understanding process.

      Thanks for reading all this time,


  2. Ed
    Ed says:

    I’ve kept in touch with this blog since your last review post and have to say the quality has got even better imo. I still like the posts where you give detailed advice or steps the most and from glancing back at this list the dealing with approach anxiety post helped me the most as its something I have struggled with a lot in the past. I didn’t comment on that post cos all my questions were answered in it. Friend zone article was good to. I look forward to your next batch of work. Cheers. Ed

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Ed, thanks! 🙂

      I’m glad you like the more detailed, technical advice that I write, as it has always been the way I have personally learnt things: by really breaking concepts down.

      Thanks for continuing to read and visit this website,


  3. Joan
    Joan says:

    Congratulations on reaching the one year milestone Sam. Whenever a friend of mine asks for relationship advice I always point them in your direction now. : )

    As for my favorite article, well I am a very longterm relationship kind of woman so the ones that deal with those kind of topics I always particularly enjoy. The one about your love equilibrium theory I particularly like and I do hope you are still going to expand that one at some point. They are all good though.

    By the way, is that a real cake in the picture? I love it. : )

    Take care

    Joan <3

    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Joan, thanks for your kind words and for recommending this website to friends! 🙂

      I definitely intend to expand on my theories about the love equilibrium soon. Topics related to maintaining fulfilling relationships are probably the ones I am most interested in from a personal point of view at the moment (as the ratio of relationship to dating articles lately probably suggests) so it will indeed get written about again soon.

      Oh, and whilst the cake is real, I’m afraid the logo and candle were digitally added on my computer. If you want to bake me one in real life, I wouldn’t say no… 🙂

      Thanks for your support,


    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Mirian,

      The easiest way to answer your question is to point you in the direction of my ‘About’ page, which states how I came to write this website as well as some other background information. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Elena
    Elena says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary Sam. Thank you for the mention in your Lying In A Relationship post. You’ve given such good advice over the past year. You really examine not just the typical but all different kinds of relationships. So many times, just reading your articles gave me a better understanding of the relationships dynamics and how they effect everyone. May your next year be even more successful than your first. 😀


    • Samuel McCrohan
      Samuel McCrohan says:

      Hi Elena, thanks a lot for your congratulations and praise! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy reading what I write… It gives me the inspiration to carry on writing when I receive such rewarding feedback. Thanks for all the thought you put into your comments; they always add value to the article in question! 🙂



  5. Eva
    Eva says:

    I have loved all your articles, they give some great advice on a huge range of topics. My favourites though have got to be Dealing with Approach Anxiety and The Complimenting Challenge.
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to future posts 🙂
    Eva x

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